Describe to me step by step how your system works?

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Is Prospria available worldwide?
How do I get paid?
When do I get paid?
How much do I earn?
How do I get started?
Tell me more about Prospria?
Prove to me this service works?
Where can I view the compensation plan?
How does this compare to other programs?
Do you provide full training?
If I join do I have to spend money on anything else?
What product do you sell?
Which of your memberships do you recommend and why?
What kind of guarantee do you offer?
What kind of income is possible?
What kind of results have you achieved for others?
What happens after the membership is over?
What is your privacy policy?
Can I just buy the product and not join as a distributor?
I'm not from the USA. Can I join Prospria?
How does the built in automation work?
What are the different payment options?
Can I pay using PayPal?
Where is your bitcoin QR code?
It seems like you mostly take bitcoin?
It seems slightly expensive?
What to do if your bank is blocking bitcoin?
Can I pay month to month?
Do you offer financing options?
Can I track how many signups I'm getting?
How can I contact you?
Can I talk to one of your support staff over the phone?
How can I start getting your free newsletter?
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. Describe to me step by step how your system works? [top]
  • A: After you join you'll begin by logging into our members only area. There you'll gain access to the complete system. This is where you'll operate your new online business. Also, this is where you'll access our digital products which are included as part of your membership (to learn more about the products click here). Full training is provided inside the members back office.

  • Step 1) You start by choosing one of our memberships, and complete your payment to join. Click here to start.

  • Step 2) After joining our site you'll be given a "username and password" that you'll use to sign into our private member only back office area. The back office area is where you'll operate and manage your new online business.

  • Step 3) After you login you'll be able to begin using our complete system. You'll also have full access to our large range of: products, training, tools, and other resources which will show you exactly what to do step by step.

  • Step 4) You'll also get your own customized web address. Example: www.prospria.com/john . You'll use this when sharing the opportunity with others, — such as on social media.

  • Step 5) You'll also select how you want to get paid for any sales you generate. Such as by: PayPal, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin. Plus you'll be able to track your sales and team activity.

  • Full training and support are provided inside of the members back office. Join Now


. Is Prospria available worldwide? [top]
  • A: YES.
. How do I get paid? [top]
  • A: You will be paid either directly to your PayPal account, bank transfer, or you can choose to be paid direct to your Bitcoin account.
. When do I get paid? [top]
  • A: Payouts are done on the 1st and 15th day of each calander month. So every 2 weeks you'll be paid for any commissions you've made prior to that.
. How much do I earn? [top]
  • A: You get paid $2500 USD per sale, up to $5000 per sale for VIP memberships.
. How do I get started? [top]
  • A: The steps to join are as follows:

    1) First click here to select a Membership Plan

    2) Read over and select the package you want and make payment with Bank transfer, Bitcoin or any Major Credit Card

    3) After you order you'll be provided with a login ID and Password which will be sent to your email address that you provide at checkout

    4) Use those passwords to log into our private Members Only Area by clicking here

    5) Once you access our members area you'll gain full access to our complete system.

    6) Inside our members area you'll gain full access to our the training and control panel to run your new online business.

    7) You'll also access our huge database of: training, tools and resources in the members area, all designed to help you grow your business.

    8) If you need additional help signing up, contact customer service here.

. Tell me more about Prospria? [top]
  • Our Values

    Prospria is the world’s most innovative new online direct selling company. Launched worldwide in 2020.

    What we're about isn't about personal development — for those who want to better their lives. Although we do that very well. We do that better than almost anybody in some cases; but Prospria is about something more than that!

    Prospria at our foundation, our core value, is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better. That's what we believe.

  • A: Here are some facts about our company:

    1) We've been fully reviewed by McAfee Cyber security.

    2) We've been fully reviewed by Google security.

    4) As you can see we've had dozens of positive testimonials come in from satisfied users who are profiting from our system.

    ) You'll find us on most ever social media website. Such as on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more.

    6) We offer a 100% money back guarantee, now that's confidence!

    After you join you'll immediately have your very own online business. It's all set up for you and ready to go. No programming or technical skills required. And no heavy up front fees to join.

    Your main task as a Prospria Distributor will be just advertising on social media, something you probably do already. Plus we provide full training inside of the members back office area.

    Before long you'll have a large growing stream of passive income. In no time you'll be making a good income and realize what a great choice this was. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial long term business relationship with you.
. Prove to me this service works? [top]
  • A: Take a look at the many testimonials we've received from satisfied clients: click here
. Where can I review the compensation plan? [top]
. How does this compared to other programs? [top]
  • A: The fact is that with many of the popular network marketing programs and home based businesses out there, the average distributor simply doesn't make enough money, which is why often most people quit the industry. Which is an unfortunate reality of the home business industry. Maybe you've tried something in the past and it failed. Well, chances are it's not your fault really. You likely weren't making enough money to continue doing it, so in those circumstances it's better to just cut your losses.

    Consider now for a moment that immediately when you join Prospria you begin earning $2500 usd per sale. That's right as a Prospria Distributor™ you get paid $2500 per sale that you make. Payouts are done on the 1st and 15th of each month. So for the average person, even making 1 sale per month could be a good start.

    Then if you're able to follow our directions and get your sales up to the point where you're making just 1 per week, well, do the math: that's $2500 x 4 weeks = $10,000 usd per month in your pocket (10k x 12 months = $120k per year). And it only get better from there.

    Most other home based opportunities simply can't match or even come close to the earning power of Prospria. Which is why we've become one of the fastest growing internet businesses. The choice is clear. Join us and lets get you earning some real income starting today!
. Do you provide step by step training? [top]
  • A: Yes. We provide full training as part of your Membership. We show you exactly what to do step by step on how to grow your online business and income. So there's no guess-work involved and no technical skills needed.
. If I join do I have to spend money on anything else? [top]
  • A: No you don't. Your one time membership fee payment covers everything. There's nothing else you'll need to buy. And no monthly fees. Your order comes complete with a full developed online business, products, training, and support. You will never be rebilled.
. What product do you sell? [top]
  • A: We sell an online digital products. It's called the: Prospria Digital Power Suite 2.0™ Edition. Learn more
. Which of your memberships do you recommend and why? [top]
  • A: If you think of our membership as an "investment in your future"; then it makes the most sense to order our VIP Plan. To apply for that Membership now Click Here. Or if you're on a tight budget and just want to test it things out then go with our Basic Plan.
. What kind of guarantee do you offer? [top]
  • A: 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied after you purchase. If for any reason if you're not happy contact us and we will do our best to address any issues you have, or if you simply want a refund that's perfectly okay as well. Please read our terms and conditions. Our goal is to ensure you walk away fully satisfied. You're risk with us is zero, so go ahead and order now.
. What kind of income is possible? [top]
  • A: As with any online business results may vary. Past profits or successes do not guarantee future ones. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income shown below, and you accept the risk that the earnings and income will differ by individual.

    With that said, this is what kind of income is possible with our program based on a members sales volume:

    1 SALE PER MONTH x 1   month x $2500 = $2500      usd per month
    1 SALE PER WEEK x 4   weeks x $2500 = $10,000   usd per month
    2 SALES PER WEEK x 4   weeks x $2500 = $20,000   usd per month
    1 SALE PER DAY x 30 days x $2500 = $75,000   usd per month
. What kind of results have you achieved for others? [top]
  • A: Our members, from all across the world, have reported very positive results in using our proven-to-work money making system. Click here to read more.
. What happens after the membership is over? [top]
  • A: Memberships range from 24 months up to 72 months. After that time of your membership runs out, then you can choose to renew. You will never be automatically rebilled. So after your membership runs out you will get an email asking you if you'd like to renew your membership. At which point you can decide if you wish to continue or not. 9 our of 10 of our members renew their Prospria membership, typically because they're making so much money.
. What is your privacy policy? [top]
  • A: Yes of course. You can read our Privacy Policy here
. Can I just buy the product and not join as a distributor? [top]
  • A: Yes. You can just buy the product: "Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Program 2.0. Our product is exclusively available through our network of independent Prospria Distributors. You can find one of these Independent Distributors online, or you can contact us and we'll put you in touch with a local Distributor who will help you get started on just the product. Or if you want to get started right now then click here
. I'm not from the USA. Can I join Prospria? [top]
  • A: Yes! We welcome you to join. This opportunity is available worldwide, for anyone, from any country.
. How does the automation work? [top]
  • A: We built into the Prospria system an automated feature. We call it the Mobius-Replicator™, and it allows your new Prospria business to grow automatically. So it actually builds itself on autopilot. It's desigend to build your business for you.

    So in case you don't have a lot of free time to be working on your business, this business will keep growing for you. Without doing anything the business can still generate sales and grow larger. It's a very exciting feature that you won't find anywhere else.

    As you can see in the example image the system is designed to provide you with spillover sales, and signups. Thus, your business grows on autopilot!
. What are the different payment options? [top]
  • A: For your added purchase convenience, our website is set up to accept most every type of payment. Some of the payment options you might need to put through a third party, such as PayPal. However, this will still allow you to securely make payment using any major credit card, or Bank Transfer, PayPal and more. We also take bitcoin. You'll find all our payment options on our checkout screen.

    Also please do not send any payment by mail. Start by choosing a membership placing your order online. Once your payment is completed we will email you your welcome kit, which includes your Login ID and Password so you can log into our system get started.

. Can I pay using PayPal? [top]
  • A: Yes. However, as times change, currently PayPal and many other payment processors do not support any products or services related to the network marketing industry. Although we could both agree there obviously is nothing wrong with network marketing, still, we have no say in the policy making of PayPal. So at this time we're only taking PayPal via a 3rd party service called Paxful. To order using PayPal, click here for instructions. We also offer a variety of other ways to make payment, such as using your: credit card, bank transfer, cash, cashapp, bitcoin and more. To review all payment options click here.
. Where is your bitcoin QR code? [top]
  • A: If you need our bitcoin QR code when completing payment click here
. It seems like you mostly take bitcoin? [top]
  • A: Yes. It mainly all goes to bitcoin at this time. This dramatically reduces credit card processing fees, of which the savings we pass on to our clients. Also, we only use the most trusted third party sites, such as: Cashapp, and MoonPay. So your purchase is 100% safe and secure. You should have no problem with checkout when you join. If you run into any issues please contact our support department and we will walk you through the order process. Currently we offer over a dozen payment options so one will work. We've carefully tested all of the payment methods we offer on the checkout pages , and they're all 100% safe and secure.
. It seems slightly expensive? [top]
  • A: Yes. Typically speaking most businesses you start will require an investment of your time and money. However, when you consider the average cost of most franchises in the US cost around $250,000.00, then spending 5k to join is just a drop in the bucket right. Also the 5,000.00 dollar start up fee to become a Basic Member is a one time fee, and there are no additional monthly fees.

    Remember this is an investment in your future. One that will return to you multiple times over. Each sale your new online business generates earns you $2500 usd. So with just 2 sales you're at break even. You've made back your money. From that point forward it's all gravy.

    So when you're making $2500 per sale, over and over again, just think how fast that can start to add up? With just 1 sale per week you'll already be earning over $120,000 USD annually.

    Where else can you possibly expect to make that kind of money online? There's very few investments you'll make that can offer this kind of ROI. This is one of them.

    Plus you're backed up by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So as you can see this is a painless drop in the bucket, compared to what you stand to earn over the following months. In the long run you stand to profit from this in a major way.
. What to do if your bank is blocking bitcoin? [top]
  • A: Some banks are blocking the purchase of bitcoin which could interfere when you go to order. Also depending on your location (ie: state) again it can sometimes be slightly more difficult. Basically many banks dislike Bitcoin.

    So if you run into an error when attempting a purchase this could be one reason. In which case there are a few way around that listed below...

    • The first option you should take is simply call your bank or credit card company, and ask them to remove any bitcoin purchase restriction on your account. After they have confirmed to you that the restriction is lifted then you can attempt your purchase again.

    • The next option is to try using our regular cash payment option shown here.

    • The next option is to try using our regular cash app option shown here.

    • Alternatively you could try using a different bank card, or possibly ask a friend or family member to try ordering for you.

    • The last option is to google search: How do I buy bitcoin if my bank is blocking it. ... Or search: banks in my area that allow bitcoin purchases. The reason to do this google search is that depending on your location there could be different and more recent solutions available. Also the solutions do change from time to time so it's one of the best options.

  • Please note, we have many payment options listed here, but also we are still looking into some additional options to assist you in making the checkout process as simple as possible. If you have any questions regarding placing an order feel free to contact us. We're happy to help.
. Can I pay month to month? [top]
  • A: No. This is a one time fee. You will make payment in one lump sum which covers the total amount of months for your membership. You will never be rebilled. Plus there are no monthly fees. When you're membership is nearing the time it will expire, you can then choose to renew if you wish to. So there's no heavy commitments with our business franchise.
. Do you offer financing options? [top]
  • A: Not at this time. If you're seeking a way to pay for the Membership, you could consider these financing solution. Ask a friend or family member for a short term loan. Use your savings. Seek out a short term loan from your local Money Mart or similiar lending service. Place the order on your credit card. Ask a friend to share 1 membership with you 50/50 (you each pay just half). Always borrow responsibly and you should not consider joining unless you're sure you can afford this. These are some various alternatives if you're looking for a way to finance your purchase.
. Where do I get the free gift that was offered? [top]
  • A: Yes absolutely! You can download that free gift here.
. How can I contact you? [top]
  • A: Please click here contact us. We promise to reply to all your questions "as quickly as possible" (please allow a few hours). We aim to provide the best customer service possible. Thank you.
. Can I talk to one of your support staff over the phone? [top]
  • A: Yes. That's not a problem. For immediate assistance please call or text us here. You're welcome to speak with one of our knowledgeable client support specialist who can answer any questions you have by phone. You can also email email us; simply let us know that you want to arrange a phone consultation, and or include the best number and time to reach you at, and we'll be happy to call you back at that time to discuss our services with you. We look forward to speaking to you.
. How can I start getting your free Prospria newsletter? [top]
  • A: Start by signing up for our free newsletter here
. Tell a friend or your social media following about us now [top]
  • A: Click here to tell a friend about us. Thank you.

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