Compensation Plan


On this page you will learn about the Prospria home business Compensation Plan

Our lucrative and rewarding compensation plan was designed to help even the complete beginner to reach profitability very quickly.

DISTRIBUTOR: When you first join you enter the program as a Prospria Distributor™. A "Distributor" earns: $2500 usd (net profit) for each sale they make.

EXAMPLE: You generate 4 Membership purchases in one month: 4 x $2500 USD = $10,000 (your net take home pay).

Distributors get paid out on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Also there are no monthly qualifications. If you just make 1 sale then you earn minimum $2500. If you earn 10 sales in a month - you'll earn $25,000 (net profit).

SUPERVISOR: Over the course of time, you'll reach the next rank up in our compensation plan which is "Supervisor". To become a Supervisor™ means that you've referred at least 6 other people into the business.

Supervisors earn approximately 50% of any sale they make (depending on the level of Membership purchased). The table below shows what you earn once you reach the rank of Supervisor:



So you earn $4000 when you sell an Advanced plan and and $4750 when you sell a VIP Plan, (which come to approximately 50%). This can really add up quickly. Prospria was specifically engineered to make it easy for the average person become wealthy.


Over time you will continue to climb the ranks to higher achievement levels (shown below). That's where it gets really exciting, as your earning potentially really begins to grow fast. Clearly, the rewards with Prospria are there for the taking. See below...



One of the key advantages our compensation plan offers is the ability for Members to climb the ranks to higher achievement levels. The higher you climb in our company rankings the more rewards you gain, both financially and professionally. (diagram shows the different rankings you can level-up to)

COMMISSION STRUCTURE: (See the first 3 levels below: Distributor up to Manager)

Distributor: (You Start Here)

  • Per Sale You Earn: $2,500*USD
  • 2 x 2 Matrix Opens. 6 open positions that you'll begin filling with new Distributors to build your downline team.
  • You'll get spillover from above (upline can place below you)
  • You get help from below (1st level can build your 2nd level)
  • Once your matrix fills then another 2 x 2 matrix opens on this level. So you always keep earning commissions at the $2500 amount on direct sales.
  • Once your matrix fills you'll become a: Supervisor (Level 2)
  • At this stage you're earning: $2500 USD for each direct sale


  • Per Sale You Now Earn 50%: = $2,500 up to $4,750 (on level 1 direct sales)
  • 2 x 2 Matrix Opens. 6 open positions that you'll begin filling with new Supervisors as they rank up
  • Each Supervisor Matrix position that fills earns you $10,000*USD
  • You'll still earn commissions on direct sales
  • You'll get spillover from above and help from below
  • Once your matrix fills you'll then you become a: Manager (Level 3)
  • Once you become a Supervisor you'll have earned bonus commissions of: $2500 x 6 = $15,000 USD
  • Earn 50% on any sale that happens in your level 1 and 2 matrices
  • You get an added Global Profit Sharing Bonus of: $500


  • Per Sale You Now Earn 50%: = $2,500 up to $4,750 (on level 1 direct sales)
  • 2 x 2 Matrix Opens. 6 open positions that you'll begin filling with new Managers
  • Each Manager Matrix position that fills earns you $40,000*USD
  • You'll still earn commissions on direct sales
  • You'll get spillover from above and help from below
  • Once your matrix fills you'll then you become a: Director (Level 4)
  • Once you become a Manager you'll have earned bonus commissions of: $10,000 x 6 = $60,000 USD
  • Earn 50% on any sale that happens in your level 1, 2 and 3 matrices
  • You get an added Global Profit Sharing Bonus of: $1500
#4+ Climb to Even Higher Ranks for Even Greater Profits and Bonus Rewards

Okay, now show me what I could earn on the higher achievement levels: Click Here

Your goal is to sponsor 2 people. That's all you need. Easy right.

After you sponsor your first two people, you can also bring in additional signups and place them where ever you want in your matrix in order to strengthen your organization. You also earn $2500 usd on each additional person you bring in.

You will keep working on building your team to build your 2x2 matrix. For each enrollment you make a commission of $2500.

Also lets assume you've found your 2 people. Now each of them will begin to do the same. Now when either of your two people make a sale, that sale is split between you and them, earning you $2500.

Overall, we offer one of the most lucrative compensation plans available in the industry.



One of the most unique features of our compensation plan is the "spill-over effect". This means that when you join you could quickly see spillover in your downline. Which means the person who referred you into the program could end up signing up the next "Distributor under you". When that happens you also earn $2500 of the sale. Plus, you could see your downline start growing on autopilot. (*as you see in the example to the right)

Upon activation of your membership you'll then qualify to begin getting spill over from your upline. These means you're downline starts to grow on autopilot. Plus you earn a commission each time someone is added to your downline. Which comes out to $2500.

EXAMPLE: As you see in the diagram to you right. Lets pretend your upline named "Karen" is a real go-getter and has been working hard. They contact an old friend by the name of "Joe" who decides to join. This new Distributor Joe ends up placed below you. And because of this, you earn a commission of $2500 and you didn't even do anything!

This happens because of the 2 x 2 matrix structure of the compensation plan. Upon completing your membership activation you will be provided with any spillover from your upline sponsor(s). Spillover happens on every level you see in the compensation plan.

So be sure to activate your membership now.


In Prospria we offer you the ability to advance to higher rankings within the compensation plan hierarchy. This will allow you to earn a lot more income. Plus you'll unlock more advanced training and products on each level you graduate up to.

You start out as a "Distributor" with our company. Your goal is to now find and fill six positions below you (right hand diagram —>). After you fill your first six positions (Level 1 matrix), you'll automatically be awarded the rank of Supervisor (Level 2).

After you've made: "Supervisor". Then you're team from your Level 1 matrix will gradually follow you into your Level 2 matrix (as each of them eventually graduate to reach Supervisors). As a Supervisor your goal is to help six of your downline Distributors to also reach the level of Supervisor. Each time someone follows you up to become a Supervisor, you earn $10,000 usd.

Once you have helped six of your Distributors to reach the rank of Supervisor, you'll automatically be awarded the rank of "Manager". You'll repeat the process with the ultimate goal of reaching our upper ranks in our company hierarchy, which is very achievable.

At this point you'll be making a significant income from our comp-plan. Plus you'll have gained a strong standing and title that you can be proud of. We offer 10 different achievement levels that you work toward advancing to (shown above). Over time, you'll also be able to unlock even higher profit sharing levels.


You also earn profits by retailing the products. There's going to be a lot of people who want to benefit from the Prospria Digital Power Suite 2.0™ Your Prospria Income License™ allows you as a Distributor to retail our online digital products for additional profits.

This earns you retail profits on the product; being sold direct to retail customers who want to order just the: Prospria Digital Power Suite 2.0™ (and who not interested in joining as a Distributor).

For each: Prospria Digital Power Suite 2.0™ program you sell, you make 50% of the retail profits. This too is an added stream of income you'll gain as a Prospria Distributor. Learn More About Our Products ›



How Much Will I Earn?

On every sale you generate you earn $2500 usd, which can really add up fast, as seen below...

If you're able to make:

1 SALE PER MONTH x 1   month x $2500 = $2500      usd per month*
1 SALE PER WEEK x 4   weeks x $2500 = $10,000   usd per month*
2 SALES PER WEEK x 4   weeks x $2500 = $20,000   usd per month*
1 SALE PER DAY x 30 days x $2500 = $75,000   usd per month*

As you can see, it can really add up fast once you start doing this business. You can clearly see that this is a very profitable home based business. Infact, you have the potential to even start to earn a full time income with your Membership. Again, results will vary, and are based on your own hard work and determination (so keep that in mind).

Potential Annual Earnings:

Part Time Business Owners
Full Time Business Owners
24,000 to $45,000*
60,000 to $240,000*

(*earnings potential)


As a Prospria Distributor you can earn both retail profits as well as royalty overrides based on the sales volume of your team. Payouts are done on the 1st and 15th of each calendar month.

Also You'll earn when new Distributors enroll and then qualify with minimum monthly point volume. Which earns you a sales commission since the new distributor is in your organizational downline. The diagram below gives you a basic idea of how sales are generated in the program:


There's a few terms outlining the program which are as follows:

1 PV = $0.50 of retail sales. (1PV = $0.50)
1 Sale = 5000 PV-L1 (level 1 sale)
You must have 5000 PV or greater to qualify for a commission payout (ie: 1 sale or more within a pay cycle)
Levels = Ten commission levels that members are able to rank up to
Qualifying = Active Membership, earn commissions for each sale generated. No monthly minimums.
Details = The diagram above shows full details up to level 3.
Payouts = 1st and 15th of each Calendar month paid out by Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or PayPal.
Agreement = Please read our user agreement which covers all the terms
BV = Business Volume.



As you can clearly see, the rewards and ranks go up and up. In Prospria we offer you the real ability to potentially earn your own personal fortune, while gaining real status and distinction as you gain new titles in our compensation plan.

Imagine, before long you'll have the title of: "Supervisor", "Manager" or even "Director", and all the rewards, importance and respect that goes with such a position in our company.

What an amazing feeling to know that there's "no glass ceiling here". You can climb as high in the rankings as you want based on your on hard work and determination.

The only thing you really need to concern yourself with when you first join are 2 key things:

1) If you make a sale you'll earn $2,500 usd (or more)

2) You want to try and get 6 sales completed, which means you move up the ranks to "Supervisor".

That's really all you need to deal with in the beginning, which makes your job a lot easier.

The bottom line is this: If you build yourself an organization in the Prospria business, you'll get rich! It's designed to be that way. At last a true path to wealth and success in life. Join Us

If you have any questions about the compensation plan we'd be happy to help, so feel free to contact us. We look forward to making your journey with us rewarding and enjoyable.



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